China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Nanjing Design & Research Institute was established in 1964 in Shuicheng, Guizhou province. Its original name is Shuicheng Coal Mine Design and Research Institute. In 1973, it was transferred to Shandong province, and hence renamed Coal Industry Ministry Yanzhou Coal Mine Design and Research Institute. In October 1995, it was again moved to Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and its name was changed to Coal Industry Ministry Nanjing Design and Research Institute. In July 1998, it became a subsidiary enterprise of Sino Coal Engineering, Design and Consulting Group. In January 2002, it was renamed Sino Coal International Engineering Group Nanjing Design and Research Institute. In April 2008, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council recombined the Sino Coal International Engineering Group and Coal Science Research Institute into China Coal Technology and Engineering Group Co.Ltd(CCTEG), Nanjing Design and Research Institute became its whole capital subsidiary. In June 2011, Coal Science Research Institute at Nanjing became a subordinate enterprise of CCTEG Nanjing Design and Research Institute.

    The institute is complete in specialty and rich in technical resources. It has more than 30 specialties, such as coal mining, coal preparation, architecture, structure, power plant, coal chemical, mechanics, plant technology, electric driving and automation, communication, power transmission and transformation, railway, highway, bridge and culvert, heating and ventilation, water supply and drainage, environment engineering, rock and earth work, engineering geology, engineering survey, computer, economic cost and etc. with more than a dozen of national Class A  or B qualifications. In 1993, the institute was authorized the right to do business directly with foreigners by Foreign Economy and Trade Ministry.

    In the recent nearly 50 years, the institute has undertaken and completed a lot of national important engineering construction tasks spread over more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. It is the first to develop the business of general engineering contracting in China’s survey and design industries. Also, the institute has developed technical exchanges and cooperation with more than a dozen of countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, Australia and etc. and successively completed tendering, offering and designing of more than a dozen of projects in the countries.

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