Leader Message

    Nanjing Design and Research Institute was created in 1964.It thrived with the development of china’s coal industry and technology system reform. During the past half century, Nanjing Design and Research Institute has experienced three periods of Shuicheng Institute, Yanzhou Institute and Nanjing Institute and has finished many Chinese coal industry plan, designed and constructed a batch of modern mines with business expansion from south to north, which has made a great contribution to the technological progress and development of china’s coal industry.

    In April 2008, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council set up the China Coal Technology and Engineering Group (CCTEG), Nanjing Design and Research Institute became its whole capital subsidiary. The institute offers services of exploration, design, EPC project, coal machinery, supervision, production and operation and coal test. The institute will adhere to the enterprise spirit of People-Oriented, Quality-Pursuing, Dedicative, Truth-Seeking and innovative, lead the coal industry development, and build us to be a globally competitive coal engineering company.

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