EPC Projects

    Engineering Consultation

    The institute is strong in consultation and design force for mining district overall and mine projects. Being bathed in the spring wind of open and reform, it is the first to carry out the reform of mining district overall design and mine design, with satisfactory results. Yanzhou Mining District won the special award of national scientific progress and the special award of national best project design. The design and consultation of mine projects won 41 awards at state level and at provincial/ministry level. The institute has finished 31 mining district overall designs and 120 mine designs, making an outstanding contribution to China’s coal industry.

    Engineering Design

    The Institute is capable of undertaking the work of coal mine design, coal preparation plant design, power engineering, municipal works, environmental engineering, underground engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction works, coal chemical works and engineering economics. It has won many awards of excellent engineering design at/above provincial/ministry levels.

    Engineering Contracting

    The institute is one of the units that carry out general engineering contract in coal survey and design industry in the early stage. It has completed 21 general engineering contracts. The power shop phase II of Laoyingshan Base in Guizhou Province and the special railway phase IV of Zouxian Power Plant are now under construction. It will continue to strengthen and develop the general engineering contract field and gradually developing towards the operation mode of international engineering company.

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