Corporate Philosophy

    I. Mission
    Leading the development of coal mine engineering; Promoting the progress of technology.
    Nanjing Deign Institute will devote itself in expanding its superiority in coal mine engineering, and become the pacemaker in the aspects of security, high efficiency and green mining, finally undertake the mission of promoting the technology of coal mine engineering in China.

    II. Core Ideology
    The institute will adhere to the enterprise spirit of People-Oriented, Quality-Pursuing, Dedicative, Truth-Seeking and innovative.
    People-Oriented: employees are the most valuable resource of the institute, the development of institute should reflect the ideology of people oriented, set a platform for employees in career development and let them share the achievement of reform and development in order to realize the goal of common development;

    Quality-Pursuing: Guarantees the quality based on scientific management; occupies the market based on excellent quality; Wins the trust from customers based on high-quality service.

    Dedicative: make researches on the internal law of objective things with continuous courage of exploration. Create new products, markets, industrial management system and competency with new ideologies and concepts.

    Truth-Seeking and innovative: nothing in the world can be solely accomplished by a single man; the only way to make the enterprise prosperous should be depending on the arduous efforts, solidarity and intelligence from the employees so that the enterprise can survive and pay back to the employees and society.

    III. Strategic Objective
    Take coal mine as the foundation and design & consultancy as the core business, developing coal and non-coal markets both internationally and domestically. Pullulate EPC projects and extend the industrial chain, building a Coal engineering company with international competency.

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